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 Coping With Cancer

It is no accident you have come to this web site. It means you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with Cancer. Cancer strikes with little reason. It does not discriminate and chooses it victims regardless of wealth or social status. It has a cruel way of robbing one of their dignity, self-respect, and independence. It can be physically and financially draining, oftentimes stealing one's hope and joy. In short, it can be very difficult to cope with Cancer.

Through this journey, you will experience a number of differing emotions, which can be very confusing. Just remember that in most circumstances, what you are feeling is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. There are a number of feelings many people have after a diagnosis of Cancer. Some persons report experiencing each one, while others only some, so it is difficult to say exactly what you will feel along the way.

For example, some people have reported feelings of vulnerability, depression, anger, fear, and hopelessness. Others have indicated they were forced to face their  own mortality and for the first time in their life consider whether they would survive Cancer. Still, others search for reason, understanding, and emotional support to help them deal with Cancer. The important thing to remember is that while there are many similarities in how people deal with Cancer, each person is different

You will find that there is a wealth of information about the medical side of Cancer, but not nearly as much to address the spiritual and emotional side of your battle. That is where Coping With Hope comes in. Coping With Hope recognizes  what a number of  researchers have now concluded, that spirituality and religion can significantly aid in helping people better cope with Cancer.

According to Andrew J. Weaver, MTH, PHD and Kevin J. Flannelly, PHD, in their research titled "The Role of Religion/Spirituality for Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers", which was published in the December 2004 Southern Medical Association Journal, they found:

     "Research has shown that religiosity and spirituality significantly contribute to psychosocial adjustment to cancer and its treatments. Religion offers hope to those suffering from cancer, and it has been found to have a positive effect on the quality of life of cancer patients. Numerous studies have found that religion and spirituality also provide effective coping mechanisms for patients as well as family caregivers."

In short, faith plays a significant role in helping one to have hope and in turn hope plays a significant role in providing an effective coping mechanism.

Coping With Hope was founded by a long term Cancer Survivor and her caregiver spouse who know first hand the emotional roller coaster you are on right now. From multiple surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy to more advanced treatments for Secondary Breast Cancer to the bone, this couple has been there and experienced the highs and lows that only Cancer can bring into your life. During the past eight years they have spent countless hours talking to Survivors and Caregivers about how they have been able to effectively Cope with Cancer and what they would like to see addressed in a Cancer Support web site. Thus, Coping With Hope was born.

We are dedicated to helping people better cope with Cancer through education, information, and outreach. We are not a substitute for sound medical advice but an additional tool to help you better cope with Cancer. At Coping With Hope you will find words of inspiration, Cancer Coping stories, how to gain hope, and Lyn's journal, one woman's inspiration story of her battle with Breast Cancer. You will also find book reviews, on-line Cancer resources, and tips for survivors, caregivers, friends, and employers. Coping With Hope also features a Cancer Forum where persons can share information with one another on a variety of topics dealing with the illness.

Coping With Hope is all about sharing. It was designed and written for Cancer Survivors by Cancer Survivors. All throughout the website there are places where you can easily share your secrets on how faith has helped you to better cope with Cancer. After review, if it is determined that the information would be of use to our viewing audience, it is added in the appropriate area. So as you journey down the road that Cancer leads you to, we hope you will take the time to share with others how they can better Cope With Hope.

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Coping With Hope Devotional

Cancer Support Group Meetings

Coping With Hope began their first Community Spiritual Cancer Support Group meeting July 2008 in the city of Mansfield, Texas.

The meetings take place the 1st Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:15pm at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church, Next Step Room, 1201 State Highway 360 in Mansfield, Texas.

The meetings are open ended and the group focuses on providing spiritual support and encouragement for those diagnosed with Cancer, as well as those who are their primary caregivers or supporters. If you happen to be in this metropolitan area and would benefit by being able to meet with others going through similar circumstances then we would welcome you to join us.

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No web site can serve as a substitute for sound medical advice from a physician. As always, we stress that your treatment decisions should be made after careful consultation with experts in the medical community. Because information on this page comes from others who have chosen to share, we can not vouch for that informationís accuracy or authenticity. If you voluntarily choose to utilize this web site you are cautioned that any information you take from it should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment and that however you use this information you are cautioned to do so at your own personal risk.

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